Sucrosomial® Magnesium: improved absorption and high tolerability

Sucrosomial® Magnesium is a formulation with magnesium oxide molecules, protected by an innovative structure called Sucrosoma®. Thanks to Sucrosoma®, a specific compound of emulsifiers and magnesium, the mineral is easily absorbed by the body.

Sucrosomial® Technology helps minerals, which are usually characterised by low absorption and poor gastrointestinal tolerability, to cross through the stomach unaltered, easily reaching the intestines where they are absorbed.

What is Sucrosomial® Technology used for?

Sucrosomial® Technology was developed and patented by PharmaNutra to carry, protect and help the absorption in the intestines of fundamental nutrients (micro- and macro-elements) for the health of the human body. The name originates from Sucrosoma®, this special compound constituted by a phospholipid matrix, tricalcium phosphate and sugar fatty acid esters, which mixed with a starch source encapsulates the nutrient.

Sucrosoma® has many functions: first of all, it helps to reduce the effect of acid substances in the stomach on the micro- and macro-nutrients, maintaining their characteristics unaltered and, at the same time, prevents some of these from interacting negatively with the mucosa. Secondly, the Sucrosomial® composition facilitates the transport of nutrients into the intestinal lumen, and consequently helps absorption, contributing to the bioavailability of individual nutrients for normal bodily functions.

Sucrosomial® Technology has been applied for some time not only to magnesium, but also to other essential elements for our well-being and balance, including iron, selenium, zinc, iodine and calcium, and is an innovative and effective resource for improving mineral intake in the case of nutritional deficiencies or when the body’s intake requirements increase

Sucrosomial® Technology applied to magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important nutritional elements for the human body. It is responsible for many physiological functions linked to the muscles, brain, bones and heart and it is involved in many metabolic processes and enzymatic reactions.

UltraMag® is the only nutritional supplement composed exclusively of Sucrosomial® Magnesium. Its specific formulation is therefore able to protect and carry the magnesium directly to the small bowel, where the main absorption mechanisms take place in the jejunum and the ileum. Once absorbed, the magnesium is available for the whole body and the many metabolic functions it is needed for.

The application of Sucrosomial® Technology therefore protects the magnesium in the gastric environment, which could affect the correct absorption of the mineral in the intestines. Compared to other magnesium salts, commonly used in food supplements specifically designed to combat nutritional deficiencies, UltraMag® Sucrosomial® Magnesium does not come into contact with the mucosa, does not cause stomach problems and is absorbed more easily in the intestines, demonstrating excellent tolerability, even when taken daily for long periods.